IVC Evidensia distribute over 1000 AMR magnets to London Vet Show delegates alongside packed speaker schedule

November 23, 2023

During this year’s London Vet Show, IVC Evidensia were focusing on their new partnership with RUMA CA&E by distributing as many fridge magnets as they could, all for the purposes of giving the profession more support when it comes to educating clients about Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR).

The team were able to distribute over 1000 magnets at the event itself, all with QR codes that led to the downloadable social media toolkit, containing visual assets and captions for veterinary professionals to use on their own channels.

Not only will the free resources provide extra support in educating clients about AMR and the safe disposal of antibiotics, but they will also extend the support beyond the usual Antibiotic Amnesty month of November, so that the important message can be spread all year round.

At the end of the first day, senior leadership colleagues Duncan Phillips (UK CEO), Daniella Dos Santos (Director of Professional Culture) and John Dinsdale (Country Medical Director) thanked all the speakers and chairs, all IVC Evidensia colleagues and everyone working so hard in the vet profession, as well as referencing the partnership with RUMA CA&E.

John Dinsdale, Country Medical Director for IVC Evidensia, commented on the distribution of magnets:

“I’m delighted that the team have been able to distribute so many magnets at London Vet Show this year – we should always be striving to effect positive change in our industry and using our platform for something so worthwhile as AMR education is, in my opinion, the best use of it.

“I’m looking forward to seeing how our partnership develops going into the new year and I hope we can keep spreading the word beyond the current Antibiotic Amnesty.”

Gwyn Jones RUMA CA&E Chair, commented:

“We’re so pleased that delegates from London Vet Show responded so positively to the magnets and we trust that the social media toolkits are already doing some good in educating clients about the dangers of AMR. 

“We hope that these resources continue to give vet professionals the necessary long-term support they need to encourage more responsible use and safe disposal of medicines in the future.”

Diverse range of crucial topics

Alongside the successful launch of the campaign, there was a packed schedule of talks on the IVC Evidensia stage, with many sessions being completely full, with standing room only. 

For this year’s London Vet Show, the talks on the IVC Evidensia stage were split over the two days between important topical subjects delivered on day one, and detailed sessions delivered by referrals clinicians on day two.

Speakers this year included Daniella Dos Santos, Laura Playforth, Sayaka Okushima, Sarah Heath, David Martin and Richard Sinclair on the first day, and David Owen, Julia Sargent, Jacques Ferreira and Harry Swales on day two, amongst many others.

Day one featured subjects including safety culture in the workplace, flexible working and animal welfare, with David Martin’s talk on welfare and the criminal underworld revealing many interesting truths about the origins of many welfare cases seen in practice.

David Martin, Group Veterinary Welfare Advisor, commented on his talk: 

“It was great to present on such an important subject to so many of the profession as the more we recognise the insidious nature of organised crime within the puppy trade the more we are able to stand up against it. 
“I hope that further discussions like this can make the purchase of a new puppy more likely to be a happy experience rather than one fraught with risk and potential heart break for the client.”

Day two featured a range of referrals lectures with clinical topics ranging from diagnostic testing in respiratory diseases from Dr Harry Swales, to differentiating cardiac and pulmonary disease from Julia Sargent.

Other notable IVC Evidensia speakers on different stages around London Vet Show included:

•    Ruth Elliot, Regional Veterinary Director
•    Andy Hardie, Head of Commercial - Farm and Equine
•    Paul Horwood, UK Head of Farm
•    Alex Kearsley-Fleet, Group Commercial Development Director
•    Nicola Lakeman, Nutrition Manager
•    Navaratnam Partheeban, Regional Head of Farm
•    David Tweedle, Small Animal Clinical Board Chair

Recognising the next generation of vet professionals

Alongside all of the talks and activity on the IVC Evidensia stand, there was also the opportunity to recognise a new generation of young vets and nurses who have been named as ‘ones to watch’ by London Vet Show and founding partner Pioneer+.
In total there were six IVC Evidensia colleagues named on the list:
•    Bethan Lovvorn – Willow Vets
•    Charlotte Heath – New Priory Vets
•    Hannah Grainger – Neighbourhood Vets
•    Rachel Allen – St Georges Vets
•    Rebekah Wright – Kessock Equine Vets
•    Stephanie Stapleton – Neighbourhood Vets

You can read the full list of 30 Under Thirty here.

London Vet Show will return on 14-15 November 2024 so stay tuned for announcements and any further plans from IVC Evidensia.