Gender pay

As the statistics above show the veterinary sector employs far more women than men. This is evidenced in all quartiles but is especially true for Quartiles 3 and 4 where in each category 94% of employees are female. We are very pleased to report that 67% of employees in senior positions (and therefore in our top earnings quartile) are women. 
There is a simple explanation for the overall average pay differences; there is a lack of male veterinary nurses, veterinary care assistants and receptionists in this sector. The majority of our practice teams are made up of these key groups of employees but they also receive the lowest remuneration. Therefore it is of no surprise that the mean and median pay rates show that on average across the whole business women earn less than men. 
Within each quartile and job type, we are confident that our reward structure is based on factors such as experience, performance, profitability of the practice, geographical location and not gender. The data does not mean that male employees are paid more than female employees for the same job in the same location.