Nurse Board

Our Nurse Board is made up of a multitude of talented vet nurses from across the UK, aiming to listen and be advocates for colleagues within the IVC Evidensia community of practices.

The board exists to deliver guidance and advice on veterinary nursing whilst looking to support, grow and guide nurses to take on further responsibility, leading to advances in clinical nursing care, overall standards and commercial awareness.

You can find out more about the Nurse Board here.

Farm Animal Clinical Board

The needs of farm veterinary teams can be drastically different from others, which is why we have a Farm Animal Clinical Board in place to ensure they can be supported in the best way. The board acts as a forum to discuss, advise and decide on matters related to the group, encompassing both clinical and non-clinical areas.

You can find out more about the Farm Animal Clinical Board here.

Equine Clinical Board

Made up of both first opinion and referral equine clinicians, our Equine Clinical Board aims to provide support and advice to veterinary teams. This includes providing opportunities for equine specific CPD, vet exchange programmes in Europe and attendance at equine veterinary events throughout the year.

You can find out more about the Equine Clinical Board here.

Referrals Board

Our Referrals board is comprised of veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses who are actively practicing in Referral Hospitals. As with our other boards, the aim is to bring together clinical expertise from across our sites providing strategic input for the group and playing a crucial role in shaping the direction of our Referral services.

You can find out more about IVC Evidensia Referrals here.

Animal Welfare Advisors

One of our primary concerns as a veterinary group is to ensure the welfare of all animals, which is why we have dedicated Animal Welfare Advisors and a welfare team to support clinicians and enable better outcomes for patients, clients and veterinary teams. There are several avenues in which the welfare team have been able to provide this support, including working with animal welfare organisations, support for prosecutions and dedicated Non-Accidental Injury support, available for all UK veterinary teams.

Learn more about our Welfare team here.

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