Equine Vets network

With almost 300 equine vets ranging from graduates to European Specialists, the IVC Evidensia Equine Vets network connects equine vets at all stages of their career and knowledge base.

Our diverse range of equine vets is made up of 50:50 dedicated equine vs. mixed practice vets. Our ambulatory practices are supported by the 4 large equine veterinary referral hospitals. With 20% of the networks practices encompassing staff with AVP or above qualifications, 25% housing operating theatres and a third stabling, there is a wide variety of support options for case work ups and so much more.

IVC Evidensia Equine Vets Practices

Penmellyn Vets

Lead Equine Vet, Jenny Fanning talks about her team being part of the IVC Evidensia Equine Vets network and the role of the Equine Clinical Board.

Pool House Equine Clinic

Referral vets from one of our equine referral hospitals share what it’s been like since the practice joined us in 2019, how this is benefiting them and the wider profession.

Wendover Heights Vets

Clinical Director, Ben Wakeling discusses the advantages of collaborating with other practices as part of IVC Evidensia Equine Vets, and the other advantages they are enjoying.

IVC Evidensia Equine Vets Mission

At IVC Evidensia Equine we put the welfare of horses at the heart of everything we do. We provide outstanding continuity of care for all equine species and breeds across our network. 

We are at the forefront of continual professional development, supporting and facilitating the development of clinical and leadership skills across all our equine teams.

We are building the leading network for equine veterinary care across Europe.

International links

IVC Evidensia also has a wealth of equine practices across Europe including Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden. Group Head of Farm Animal and Equine, Jan Lievaart is already working on international plans for greater knowledge sharing across countries, including vet exchanges to experience first hand how equine work is done in other territories, something our equine vets are eager to commence as soon as world events permit.