"I have a strong interest in surgery, as well as medicine, so there's a good mix of cases and learning experiences to be found here. It's a great environment for professional development"

- Nicholas Cameron, clinical director at Darley House
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Can you tell us about yourself and how you came to Darley House as clinical director?

I've been a part of this team for around ten months now. Prior to joining here, I worked as a roving locum with IVC Evidensia. When I first came here, I was warmly welcomed, and the team encouraged me to consider a permanent role with them, so I decided to join the team!

I was looking for the next step in my career, more stable and reliable work hours, and I wanted to take on more responsibility, which is why I decided to shift into this role.

Can you tell us more about Darley House and what it’s like working there?

This practice has been serving the community for a very long time, around 70-80 years! We have a great base of long-standing clients. The practice itself also has a history of longevity too, with some team members having been here for decades. For example, our head nurse has been with us for 30 years, and several of our nurses have been here for 20 years. Sarah, our practice manager, has an impressive 18 to 19 years of experience with us.

We have a highly experienced and friendly team; I feel we have a relaxed and enjoyable working environment.

It sounds like there's a strong sense of continuity and camaraderie among the team. Why do you think so many team members have stayed with the practice for so long?

I think it’s down to the welcoming nature of the staff here. Everyone is friendly and easy to work with, which creates a positive atmosphere. Additionally, the practice has invested in upgrading its facilities in the working areas and the staff areas upstairs. It’s a comfortable and relaxing space for us. Overall, there's a strong sense of cohesion, and everyone genuinely enjoys coming to work!

Do you have anything at the practice that you're particularly excited about or that potential nurses looking to work with the practice might find interesting?

Absolutely, we have all the standard equipment, including x-rays, ultrasound, and endoscopy etc. We make an effort to keep as much in-house as possible. One of our vets, Mike specializes in orthopaedic work, and we have a visiting cardiologist who comes every eight weeks for a full day of cardiology cases. We also have visiting soft tissue surgeons. Our clients appreciate the convenience of not having to go to referral centres, and there are plenty of opportunities for exposure to diverse cases and skills development.

How do you support your team’s development at Darley House?

The team are keen on sharing knowledge and developing together and we have a range of interests. Personally, I have a strong interest in surgery, as well as medicine, so there's a good mix of cases and learning experiences to be found here. It's a great environment for professional development.

How would you describe the team culture when you're working together?

The team culture is great. We maintain a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. There's no hierarchy; we're all on the same level, and we all get on well. This environment encourages longevity among our team members.

Can you share a highlight from your career so far?

 Well, there have been several memorable moments in my career. One recent case that stands out involved a 10-year-old Labrador who had been to multiple other practices without a diagnosis. The dog was losing weight, vomiting frequently, and becoming lethargic over several months. When the case came to us, I started from scratch, repeating blood work that didn't reveal much. We brought in our visiting specialist ultrasonographer. After scanning, we found an issue with the spleen causing inflammation and vomiting. We removed the spleen, and within a few days, the dog began eating, gained weight, and made a remarkable recovery. The prognosis had been looking poor, and now that dog is still with us, happy and healthy six months later. It felt great to solve a problem that had stumped other veterinarians, using our combined skills and knowledge.

That's an amazing story and a testament to your dedication. Are there any future goals or aspirations, either for the practice or personally, that you're looking forward to?

I'm starting a business degree in October, which is a two-year program. I'm excited about this opportunity as it will help me contribute to the growth and success of the practice. But my main goal is to create a busy and enjoyable practice where everyone is happy.

What do you get up to outside of work?

I have children —a 6-year-old daughter and twin boys, so I’m pretty busy. We don’t have any pets, but I did take in a puppy named Sammy for a while, who had a challenging start in life. He had something called "swimmers syndrome," which affected his chest and breathing. Nurses at another IVC practice and myself provided physiotherapy for him for eight weeks, and now he's a healthy 36-kilogram dog, full of energy - he's currently on vacation in Portugal with my parents!

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