Celebrating amazing women for International Women’s Day 2024

March 08, 2024

We are delighted to highlight a number of outstanding colleagues from across our UK practices and operational teams, all to commemorate International Women’s Day 2024.

From all the wonderful nominations received, we’ve managed to put the spotlight on a handful of women in varying roles who, between them, have contributed positively to their working environment, been an inspiration to others, shown dedication in the face of adversity, and been upstanding members of the veterinary profession who rightly deserve recognition for all they do.

They are invaluable to IVC Evidensia, but also to their peers, to their practices, to their friends and family. 

Zaila Dunbar – “A shining example of everything that is right in the veterinary profession”

This fantastic nomination came in regarding Zaila Dunbar, a superb Clinical Director from Bridge Street Vets:

“Zaila is an incredibly hard-working woman! She always encourages collaboration inside her team and inside the profession. She strives to provide inclusive decision making which empowers and promotes everyone around her. 

“She is a knowledgeable and passionate vet who works to the absolute highest standards. She always has patient welfare as her primary concern. Clients become bonded to her and this in turn means she enables patients to receive the best level of care possible. 

“She is a gold standard vet, who cares beyond belief about the wellbeing of her team and clients. She is a shining example of everything that is right in the veterinary profession!”

Ella Wakeland – “She is an inspiration to all women”

Up next is Ella Wakeland, a Graduate Veterinary Surgeon from Martin Veterinary Centre:

“[Ella] has been amazing throughout her two years training. Both clients and staff love her. The reason she is an inspirational woman to me is halfway through her graduate training she found out she was pregnant. 

“This didn’t hold her back. She worked tirelessly to meet all her requirements on time and to the best of her ability. She continued to provide first class care to all her clients and their pets and also help her colleagues when needed. 

“I feel she is an inspiration to all women that no matter what, you can accomplish your goals and succeed in whatever you set your mind to.”

Nadine Featherstone – “Truly an inspiring woman”

We received a phenomenal nomination for Head Receptionist Nadine Featherstone, who truly goes above and beyond in her practice, Rathgael Vets:

“Nadine Fetherstone is truly an inspiring woman, especially as we celebrate International Women's Day. As a mother of two boys, she exemplifies the strength and nurturing qualities that women bring to both their families and workplaces. 

“In her role as the welcoming face and voice of Rathgael Vets, Nadine goes above and beyond to ensure client satisfaction. Her dedication is evident in her willingness to personally deliver medications to disabled clients, showcasing her commitment to making veterinary care accessible and convenient for everyone. 

“What sets Nadine apart is her empathy and understanding towards clients and their families who may be dealing with dementia. Having completed dementia training, she demonstrates a remarkable ability to communicate effectively and compassionately in these challenging situations, offering support not only to the clients but also to their families. 

“As the head receptionist, Nadine's leadership qualities shine through. She is keen on training, leading, and providing valuable advice to both clients and staff. Her commitment to mentorship and guidance creates a positive and productive work environment, fostering a sense of teamwork and shared goals. 

“Nadine's kindness and compassion extend not only to clients but also to her colleagues. Her ability to connect with people on a personal level makes her an invaluable asset to Rathgael Vets, where she not only manages the reception but also contributes significantly to the overall wellbeing of the veterinary practice. 

“Nadine Fetherstone's story is one of dedication, empathy, and leadership. Her commitment to her role as a mother, her contributions to the veterinary community, and her compassionate approach make her an outstanding woman to celebrate on International Women's Day.”

Steph Carrier – “Setting a shining example for us all”

This nomination comes from our support centre in Bristol, highlighting a member of the support staff, Growth Marketing Manager Steph Carrier:

“Since joining our team in January, Steph has seamlessly transitioned, bringing with her invaluable experience from her time at IVC Evidensia. Beyond her dedication to our company, Steph's commitment extends to volunteering at a local farm, showcasing her passion for animal welfare outside of work. 

“She consistently goes above and beyond, supporting her colleagues and approaching every project and meeting with a blend of expertise and confidence that only comes from years of caring and experience. 

“Steph embodies the ethos of our company, demonstrating genuine care for animals and setting a shining example for us all.”

Elizabeth Ajenikoko-Ugbor – “We are very lucky to have her!”

This nomination for Elizabeth Ajenikoko-Ugbor shows what a team player she is at White Cross Vets (Doncaster), as well as a brilliant mum:

“Lizzie came to us from Nigeria as a qualified veterinary surgeon, to train towards her RCVS exam. Lizzie has grown so much since she arrived in the UK, she works so hard and studies so much. 

“She is always keen to see cases and perform surgery, and always gets stuck in with running bloods, cleaning the clinic etc as needed. She is a true team player. 

“In addition, Lizzie is a brilliant mum to her 2 children, and has embraced the challenge of assimilating her family into a new culture. We are very lucky to have her!”

Kelly Scott – “Everyone enjoys coming to work”

Lastly, Well House Vets sounds like a wonderful practice to work in, especially with the addition of Kelly Scott as Head Nurse:

“Kelly is one of the most energetic and inspiring women I have had the pleasure of working with. Her care for the wellbeing of our team is second to none and is always looking for ways to make sure everyone enjoys coming to work. 

“Kelly is always the first with new ideas on how we can promote our practices and can always be found cheering the team on during stressful periods and working from home on her days off. And she does all this whilst being a mum to 2 wonderful boys. 

“She is everything an inspiring woman should be.”