AMR Resources

IVC Evidensia has partnered with The Responsible use of Medicines Alliance – Companion Animal and Equine (RUMA CA&E) to produce a social media toolkit to support those who are interested in spreading the word about AMR.

This social media toolkit is for all veterinary professionals to use to help educate and inform clients about AMR, whether it is via personal social media accounts, or via an account representing a veterinary practice.

It can serve as a reminder about what AMR is, why it matters, how owners can play a role in tackling AMR, best practice when it comes to the safe disposal of antibiotics and the dangers that we face if we ignore it. 

It will give veterinary professionals extra support in educating clients on social channels about AMR and the safe disposal of antibiotics, and will also extend support offered beyond the usual Antibiotic Amnesty month of November.
Download your Social Media Toolkit

Partnership with RUMA CA&E

Our partnership with RUMA CA&E was launched in November 2023 as part of London Vet Show.

RUMA CA&E was established to define the principles of responsible use of medicines in the companion animal and equine sectors with a view to contributing positively to the One Health agenda. This collaboration covers the responsible use of medicines in dogs, cats, rabbits, small mammals, exotic animals kept as pets, and equids. 

The aim is for the UK to lead the way in these sectors through evidence-based and measurable activities that will promote and enhance stewardship. RUMA CA&E will focus initially on the responsible use of antibiotics.

You can find out more about RUMA CA&E here.

Sustainability commitments

Campaigns to raise awareness of sustainability issues such as AMR are all part of ‘Caring for the Planet’, as outlined in our annual Positive Pawprint report, which details many other initiatives we, as a business, are undertaking for the good of the environment.

The report includes a number of commitments such as:
  • Transitioning our company towards net-zero climate impact
  • Minimising our waste footprint through optimal management
  • Evolve industry-leading sustainability practices
  • Practise leading standards of chemical and pharma management

If we can help veterinary practices across the UK to educate clients on sustainable practices, such as the safe disposal of antibiotics, then we can make sure that we are doing our part as a leading veterinary group.

Find out more about the Positive Pawprint here.

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