IVC Evidensia prioritises NAI support initiative at London Vet Show

November 22, 2022

The UK’s leading practice group used its time at London Vet Show 2022 to highlight its ambitious initiative to tackle domestic abuse by offering more support for vets and vet nurses to report non-accidental injuries (NAIs).

IVC Evidensia colleagues handed out thousands of stickers with QR codes on them that send vets or nurses concerned about NAI cases in animals to direct and confidential support from IVC Evidensia’s Welfare team.

The team at stand R75 gave out over 2000 stickers across the two-day event, meaning they ensured that over 40% of those who attended London Vet Show would have access to this much-needed support.

The scheme being offered universally to the profession could also significantly impact the lives of people in unsafe domestic situations around the country. 

The NAI support was first announced as an initiative that IVC Evidensia staff could use in November 2020, spearheaded by David Martin, Group Veterinary Welfare Advisor. It originally consisted of a series of posters and webinars educating staff and raising awareness of complicated cases during the pandemic, when statistics for domestic violence were on the rise.

David Martin commented: “We then decided to roll it out to all UK practices in 2021, relaunched as a universal resource after a report from the Dogs Trust found that the majority of domestic abuse cases in the home also involved an animal being abused.

“Through this support network, our welfare team have enabled countless patients (and at times, vulnerable people) to be extracted from abusive environments and have secured convictions.

“By giving out the QR code stickers at London Vet Show, we hope that more vets and nurses are able to make use of this fantastic support network and we, in turn, are able to assist many more vulnerable patients and people in getting the help that they need.”

How does the NAI support initiative work?

The NAI support network set up by IVC Evidensia’s Welfare team is integral to helping UK practices report complex cases and to ensure there is adequate support for vets and nurses who may face a difficult decision to make in-practice.

It is suggested that the stickers should be stuck to a dangerous drugs cupboard or other visible surface in practice, with the QR code taking users to an online form.

By filling in the form online, a vet or nurse would then be contacted by a member of the welfare team, who would provide vital support for cases that can be stressful, as well as logistically and legally complicated. 
The best part is that the support is available for all UK practices, whether they are a part of IVC Evidensia or not. 

This support is available all year round with a response time of just a couple of hours. If the form is completed out of hours, then it will be responded to on the next working day. 

Find out more about NAI support on the IVC Evidensia group website here.

The future of animal welfare

Alongside the NAI support initiative, IVC Evidensia’s Welfare team has also been at the heart of other initiatives in the business that will help support vets and nurses. 

They include general welfare support for staff with any other animal welfare concerns, working with animal welfare organisations and charities that can provide assistance in specific cases, and support for prosecutions, which also helps organisations such as the RSPCA, SSPCA and Trading Standards in securing prosecutions where animal cruelty or neglect has occurred. 

IVC Evidensia also has its Care Fund initiative, which allows clinicians to access financial support to treat pets suffering from serious acute illness or injury.

David Martin added:

“The NAI support initiative is a chance for us to provide veterinary professionals in the UK with the support that they need to improve animal welfare, through advice, resources and practical support in dealing with these very challenging cases.

Richard Sinclair, UK Welfare Lead for IVC Evidensia, commented:

“I am enormously proud to be part of an organisation which champions animal welfare. The time and effort that we are able to devote to creating these resources is really for the betterment of animal welfare and the profession.”

For more information about the NAI support and to hear from David Martin, check out this video here

Alternatively, if you missed out on London Vet Show but would like to order stickers for your practice, please email david.martin@ivcevidensia.com with your practice name and address.